Friday, 7 January 2011


Having looked at all of my work I think that it has a consistent theme throughout and overall I am pleased with it, they work well as a set of designs.  I am happy with my illustrations, and I think the typeface works better than I expected it too.  Both have been a focal point in my designs so I have not had to use too much colour and there is quite a lot of space which I think works well.  The illustrations that I produced in biro were time consuming but I am glad I persevered with them.  I have struggled with the layout of some of my designs including the final wall mural layout and the inside pages of my YO! Sushi menu.  I have definitely learnt that less is more!  I also struggled with coming up with a unique idea for my direct mail, I was trying to come up with something so unique that I hit a brick wall, and I am glad I decided to go with the more obvious idea of producing a Valentines Day card as I think it does the job just as well as something totally different.  I am rather disappointed that I did not have the time to make my pop up card as I think it could have been the best part of my project but I am happy with the idea.
I think my overall design fits in with Barcelona, and I have achieved the style that I wanted - ever growing and quirky but simple.  I think my style will attract people to come and dine at YO! Sushi, especially young people, tourists, and maybe even locals who are a fan of sushi.  I think that the ever growing mural competition will work well too, as this will attract artists, young people and locals and tourists who are interested in Barcelona and it's culture.  This competition will be on every few months for people to have the opportunity to see their artwork inside the restaurant on the walls and possibly other YO! Sushi items.