Monday, 27 December 2010

Direct Mail Research

Direct mail is a form of advertising and marketing. A lot of direct mail pieces get thrown straight in the bin. It is hard for companies to make theirs stand out in the right way to prevent this and improve response rate. Cost also is a big factor for companies when designing direct mail pieces, they need it to be worth their while. A few examples are; flyers, leaflets through the post, packages with items in, such as pens, CD's, or other free items, emails, pop ups, vouchers with money off, email sign ups including offers. I have looked at other companies ideas for direct mail, and different ways they try and promote their brand to entice their target markets and potential customers. YO! Sushi have done this in various ways for different seasonal occasions, here are a few examples:

These work well as they are simple, they are based around the YO! Sushi bowls and include various elements from the company.  They target various audiences, such as students, kids, and they also have special Christmas offers.  I would like my direct mail for YO! Sushi to be simple yet effective.

Having researched other possibilities for direct mail that other companies use, I have found that the most popular method is vouchers with a certain percentage off.  Although this is the most popular I don't think it is the best way to interest potential customers, it may interest existing customers but for people who have never visited a restaurant or a store I think there are better ways to promote and get people to spend money.  Next I will look into ideas I could design for my YO! Sushi restaurant in Barcelona but for now here are some existing ideas that I found along the way:

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