Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Beer/Wine Labels

Having done a draft for my menu, I will wait for feedback on my design before I continue.  In the meantime I will start to look at designing a beer or wine label.  Below are a few that caught my eye.

Beer and lager labels I think have there own unique style, whereas wine labels are fairly similar and are much more modern and up to date, so for this reason I am going to just design a wine label for Yo! Sushi. Although some of my illustrations in my wall mural stand out quite a lot, instead of using those on my labels, I may concentrate on the font that I have used through out my work instead, as I think it is quite bold and strong.  Below is an idea for my wine labels, keeping it simple but making sure it links in with my design work.

To be honest I don't like my above design, so have decided to create a different design using illustrator.  I prefer the style below much better, and it also includes part of my mural and the font that I have used throughout my work.

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