Thursday, 30 September 2010

Illustrators & Styles

I have looked into various Digital Artists and Illustrators that I feel have an eye-catching style.  These may help me to design or come up with a theme for my mural.  A few that I have researched are:

Having looked into other Illustrators works, I have decided to choose a similar style to Silke Werzinger.
Silke finds inspiration in everyday life, magazines, and notebooks she picks up at flea markets.  Her simple style, which combines ink and colour, has almost adolescent brazenness which i really like, and will fit in with the target market for this project.  Her Illustrations sometimes tell amusing stories in scenes taken from everyday life, conversations between friends, and music.

Below are a few examples of her work that caught my eye:


My idea is to start off a design for the wall mural and for it to have an ever-growing style just like Barcelona does. For example; Paper cloths on the restaurants tables with biros for people to add onto the original design. A blank wall in the outlet for people to draw on, or to be able to enter competitions with your design on - which might be an on going design through to other outlets all over the world or just in that one city.  Other ideas may include scrapbook style menus, direct mail packs - free biro pens, different types of paper (collage style) takeaway box/bags.

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