Friday, 5 November 2010

Researching Into Menus

Before I start to design my Food & Wine Menu for Yo! Sushi, I will look at different types and styles of menu's that are already out there to see if I can find any inspiration. Below are a few pages of Yo! Sushi's existing menu and a few other things that I collected from the Yo! Sushi Outlet at Meadowhall, Sheffield.

Having done a few sketches of different layouts and ideas for my menu I think it will mainly be based on the font that is used on my wall mural. I will also try and use parts of my mural on the menu. For example my illustration of the Sagrada Familia could be on the back of the menu, with a map of where it is if people wanted to go and visit after they have eaten at Yo! Sushi. I may look at adding other things to the menu, like quotes of Gaudi for instance.  At the moment I am not sure what form I would like my menu to be - a booklet/ tall double-sided or paper ones that you can throw away.  Below is Nonna's restaurant wine menu which I think is simple yet effective, and suits Nonna's sophisticated style.  Although I like this menu, if I designed something similar I feel I would need to add bright colours to match in with Yo! Sushi's theme.

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