Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wall Mural Drafts & Final

Having drawn all my individual images this is my first attempt at putting all the images together to create my wall mural.  After I scanned it into my mac and added some colour in photoshop, I feel that something is missing so asked for some feedback.  I have been advised that some of my images need to bigger than others, that I should maybe consider using an actual font instead of a drawn font.  Also that I should be weary when using a footballers face, as players tend to move from team to team.  I don't want to get rid of this image all together, but I will decrease the size.  I need to be careful that I don't make the overall look of my mural too much like a scrapbook and too childish. Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated as I need to get a move on with ideas for my menu.  I don't want to be spending all my time on drawing!

Below is my second layout, which I think is better in some ways than the first but I am still not totally happy with it.  I feel it needs more depth, possibly more colour and a focal point, including the Yo! Sushi logo.  I may also repeat my images more than once and overlap images, to give it a collage type of style. I am going to try to make the viewing of my mural quite easy to follow e.g. landscape, from left to right, in a flowing sort of manner.  

Below is my final drawing of the layout for my mural.  I have added 'Yo! Sushi' red to the flag in photoshop.  I am also going to add some more text and my own Yo Sushi! barcelona logo to the mural which I will look at next.

Below are my two possible options for my Yo! Sushi logo, as this is not the main part of my task I have just decided to keep the original logo of Yo! sushi, and just add Barcelona underneath in the same typography that i have used on my wall mural.  I may also use this font and styling in my mail pack and menu designs.

Even though I don't want to distract too much attention away from the illustrations in my wall mural, the most eye-catching colour in the mural is red, so because of this I am going to use the image below in design. 

Apart from a few minor adjustments, below is pretty much my final design for Barcelona's mural.  It has much more depth than the others that I have done.  I am going to add a few images coming off from the entire mural to make the overall shape a bit more random.

Before I came up with the above layout, I toyed around with some others which are below.  I felt that the one image on it's own did not quite give the piece a finished look and I think replicating the image works quite well in doing this.

The above layout I think is a bit too fussy, so I have tried a more simplistic version which is below.

The above layout is better but still needs some more work to it, I will duplicate the image and experiment with different sizes.  I am still waiting for feedback on it, but below is my final wall mural for Barcelona.

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