Monday, 29 November 2010

Development Of Menu

Here is my first draft of the front cover of my Menu for Yo! Sushi.  I have tried to keep it fairly simple, with just a hint of colour.  As I mentioned in my research I would like to use images from my wall mural in the design of my menu.

I have decided that I am going to design a page for each of the following; How It Works, Soups & Broths, Rice & Noodles, Desserts, and for Drinks.  If I do go ahead with designing a booklet style menu I will obviously need to design a front and back page just like the one above. Below is my first draft for the inside of my menu.


Having received some feedback about my menu and not being totally happy with my first draft, I decided that because my font is quite quirky and free flowing that text and image placement needed to have more conformity.  Although I do like space in design, I think I may decrease the size of my menu, as I feel an A4 menu is too big.  I also think the menu looks too cluttered with text so I may get rid of quite a lot.  Here is my menu below, which I think is much better than my first draft.  I am still not too keen on the drinks section of my menu, but I think that is just because there is hardly any images on those pages but the text is too important to get rid of so I think I will just stick with what I have already.

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